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You’re in the right place if you’re a coach, expert or service provider who is brilliant at what you do and you want more clients, more momentum, more profits… WITHOUT selling your soul to do it!

I created The Profit Sweetspot because every day I see wicked smart entrepreneurs falling into the trap of working harder, trading their family time, hobbies and energy to try and ramp up their businesses…and killing themselves in the process…for disappointing results.

Maybe you’ve heard of the concept of a “sweet spot before. It’s that place on a bat, racket, or club with the maximum power AND the greatest ease. The place where you get more distance without having to swing so hard. HINT: you’re not in your sweet spot if you’re swinging like you’re trying to kill the ball!

And yet, that’s what so many of us try when we get in to business – especially if we’re from a corporate background. Personally, I thought I could work harder and smarter – and force my way to online success. But despite spending tens of thousands on programs and hiring some of the top business coaches, I still couldn’t seem to gain any momentum and everything was SO. DAMN. HARD.

When I finally sat down and actually tracked what was working to bring me in clients, I realized I was wasting most of my work week on things that just didn’t matter.

It wasn’t pretty but I learned a LOT.

So, this is for you if you have multi six or seven figure goals but you haven’t quite cracked YOUR business sweetspot.

You know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. You just need those last few pieces to click into place. This is about finally pulling ALL of your skills and knowledge together to create the BIG breakthrough you’ve been working for.

I’m SO excited you’re here!

Your Profit Sweetspot

The Profit Sweetspot is for you if you have multi six or seven figure goals and you haven’t quite cracked everything that you need to in order to get to that income level.

It’s about putting the last few things in place that you need because you know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough … you just need those last few pieces to click into place.

You’ve probably done 1 million trainings and you don’t need just another training that’s going to sit on yourself and not help you make the income that you want.

This is about finding your exact Profit Sweetspot where you need to be to bring in clients automatically and ramp up your income level to where you need to be to have the freedom you want to have.  This is what you need if you’ve been working so hard with hustle, hustle, hustle to bring in every client and you’ve done quite well but feel “not quite there”.

You can’t go wrong jumping on board with Tammy! If I were to describe working with her in 3 words, I would say: she’s personal, passionate, and purposeful. Tammy delivers big time and her approach inspires and encourages.

She’s hands on and cares about your success… and it shows!

Judy LynneHarmonic Living Now

You’re in exactly the right place to have a powerful breakthrough in your results …
Over the past 9 years I have coached thousands of entrepreneurs to create amazing breakthroughs for themselves.

The strategies I teach are the same ones I used to grow my multi-million dollar business.
I consistently see my clients get amazing results just by implementing a few key strategies.

They also discover how fun it can be to create a business that truly reflects what they have to offer and helps thousands of people.

Tammy Lane

BBA, CPA, CA sweetspot strategist

Tammy helps women entrepreneurs attract clients and sales automatically online so they can help more people, have more time, and live a life they’re passionate about.

She is famous for helping clients create wildly profitable, multi-6-figure businesses, even if they don’t have a list or any technical ability.

Tammy grew her business to the multi-million dollar level in a matter of months and now helps women across the globe do the same.