Get The Click With Ads That Convert

This week is all about creating your ad copy and images to get the click!  It’s the first point of contact with your brand new clients and it’s critical to get it right to ensure you’re attracting the right clients and getting them into your online sales funnel.

Included this week is everything you need to create your own high-converting ad copy and images.

If you’d like to have your ad copy and images created for you by our team who’s created hundreds of ads, email us at and we’ll send you off more information.


Ad Creation Sweetspot

Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Images

Facebook Ad Images Best Practices

Choosing Stock Images

Facebook Ad Copy

Short-Copy Facebook Ads

Long-Copy Facebook Ads

At least one of your Facebook ads should be a long-copy ad based on your Connection Story – as in most markets you will get a much higher conversion rate.  Exceptions include product companies.

The 9 Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Ad

The Yes Question

Open with a sentence that your ideal client and only your ideal client will answer “YES” to.

Rapport Builder

Connect to your audience, followed by the Mindset Shift.

Irresistible Freebie Positioning

The perfectly positioned peek at your highly-valuable gift.

Time Limiter

Create tension to act with words like “Now”.

Call to Action

Clear and concise instructions on what to do next.

Code URL

Code URL to get the click.

Scroll-Breaker Image

Get the “lean-in” from your tribe.

Headline Clincher

Free claim, irresistible offer name, and a big benefit statement.

Cliff Hanger Big Benefit

Leave them wanting more!

Keep this template beside you as you create future ads as a reminder of the principles of the Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Ad Masterclass.


Facebook Ad Bank

Model these highly successful ad campaigns to increase your chances of immediate success!

Facebook Ad Image Gudelines

Facebook’s guidelines for using text on ad images:

Facebook’s tool to check the text % in your images:

Image Sources

Pay per image or subscriptions:
7 Days of free downloads on trial:
Free images (please review the terms of use carefully)



Insider Facebook Ad Secrets

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